Business need: The client, a governmental service division, made the strategic decision to move off its legacy email platform (Lotus Domino) and onto Microsoft Exchange/Office 365. The client wanted to save the 1.5 TB of legacy archived mail residing in the IBM Content Manager repository, and wanted it to be available via the Outlook client.


Integro was brought in to manage the email archive migration using its proven tool, Integro Email Migration Assistant (IEMA). IEMA is the only product on the market that helps companies migrate large quantities of email that was archived by CommonStore or IBM Content Collector, quickly and securely, providing the benefits of speed, ease-of-use, and reporting.

The migration process required several critical steps. First, Integro restored all of the client’s archived email from the repository to Domino. From there, the emails were converted to .pst. Emails were archived back into the repository with stubs placed in users’ mailboxes so they can access the legacy Notes messages from the Outlook client.

Integro also upgraded IBM Content Manager and Content Collector to the latest versions, and installed and configured IBM eDiscovery Manager to support the new Exchange environment.


The solution effectively met the client’s needs for user access while preventing what would have been explosive growth of the Exchange environment. Users now have access to all legacy Notes email through the new Exchange platform. Stubbing the legacy email rather than restoring it to the mailbox limited the size of the new Exchange platform.


  • Integro Email Migration Assistant (IEMA)
  • Office365
  • IBM Content Manager
  • IBM Content Collector
  • IBM eDiscovery Manager
  • Binary Tree