Business Need: The client, a major insurance corporation, sought to identify and secure confidential information residing in various data sources across the enterprise to reduce its risk.


Integro helped the client perform a thorough audit and risk assessment, reviewing Exchange mailboxes, file shares, Sharepoint sites, and other data sources for information containing social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other personally identifiable information (PII).

Integro installed the technology solution, configured the search and assessment process, and trained the client’s in-house team on how to perform various types of data analysis and clean up actions.


With this new data analysis and clean-up capability, the client was able to minimize risk by identifying and securing sensitive and blacklisted data. The client was also able to further reduce risk and storage costs by performing significant data clean up of outdated and expired content, large and redundant files, and personal multimedia files.

With this solution in place, the client is well positioned to leverage it for future eDiscovery purposes.


IBM StoredIQ