Business need: Mohawk’s 9,000 email users were sending and receiving hundreds of thousands of emails every day. Over time, the company had accumulated many terabytes of email which was causing numerous challenges for the company. Servers were taking upwards of 7 days to back up email files. Diminishing disk space was causing performance issues with the mail server. Costs were growing exponentially. To top it all off, accumulating so much email required material effort to manage during any litigation.


Integro implemented an email archiving system, archiving 9,000 user mail boxes and using journaling to capture all email that comes in and out of Mohawk’s mail system.  The solution also offers Mohawk advanced search capabilities. Integro custom-built a mail template in Lotus Notes Domino that allows Mohawk’s legal and technical staff to conduct very complex Boolean searches. All the emails are full-text indexed to enable any type of search.

“The experience working with Integro has been fantastic. Perhaps our biggest appreciation is that it wasn’t just Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm support. Integro worked late nights and weekends. They fixed things before we even knew they were problems.”  – Colby Grueber, Senior Domino Administration Manager, Mohawk Industries


  • Tremendous storage savings
  • Sophisticated systems and policies in place to effectively manage and track email
  • Legal can easily search all email and put users on legal hold when necessary
  • Entire solution is completely transparent to Mohawk’s 9,000 users


IBM CommonStore
IBM Content Manager
EMC Centerra
IBM Advanced Email Search