Business Need: The client, an international oil and gas company, was completing a divestiture and needed to turn over information related to the asset being divested. Users were tasked with finding all related data and moving it off the company file shares and other data sources. The client needed a way to verify that all relevant data had been removed and turned over before the divestiture agreement deadline.


Integro conducted an audit for the client by installing and configuring IBM StoredIQ and fully indexing select company file servers and other data sources. The analysis uncovered a large quantity of files related to the asset being divested that had not been identified or removed from the company servers during the previous search process.

During the audit, Integro also uncovered PII (Personally Identifiable Information), such as Social Security Numbers and Passport data residing on the company servers, which put the company at risk. The audit also found that 67% of the client’s data had not been modified in over 5 years, thus providing an opportunity for significant legacy cleanup.


Without this solution, the client would not have fully complied with the divestiture requirements. By uncovering relevant data not previously identified, all required information was properly turned over and the client was able to comply with the divestiture agreement.

The solution also provided the added benefit of identifying potential risks on the client’s servers in the form of PII and other risky data being stored.


  • IBM StoredIQ
  • IBM eDiscovery Manager
  • IBM eDiscovery Analyzer