Integro offers two types of training for our customers:

Solution training and knowledge transfer – our goal is that our customers’ in-house resources are self-sufficient in administering the solutions we design and implement once projects are complete. We conclude most of our projects with thorough demonstrations, documentation, training, and one-on-one knowledge transfer with in-house staff. This type of training is usually incorporated into the overall project plan and scope.

IBM product-specific training – as experts in IBM’s ILG and ECM solution sets, we often provide training on various software products and solutions that have already been installed or acquired by our customers. Here are a few examples:

  • StoredIQ Training – Integro provides a variety of StoredIQ training options. StoredIQ training may be completed onsite or remote using multiple approaches. The training is geared to your organizations needs and StoredIQ status. Our training is completed by StoredIQ and Information Governance Experts who will train your staff on how to install, configure, harvest, create filters, analyze, act and report on data within your StoredIQ environment. Training includes a StoredIQ User Guide that may be customized upon request. Pricing is dependent on class size and duration.


  • eDiscovery Analyzer Training – Integro provides eDiscovery Analyzer training for legal teams that includes case analysis techniques, from linear document review through the use of eDA’s analytical features of categories and email diagrams. In addition, attendees learn various search strategies and syntax. This training also includes skills to “reduce the noise” of a data set to speed review and increase accuracy. These skills include flagging documents, managing ignore text and viewing document threads and near duplicates.  eDA administration training is also included to assure the eDA administrator can create and maintain the eDA index, synchronize flagged documents with eDM and run audit reports.  A training manual is available plus Integro regularly customizes the training to meet specific customer requirements.  Training is typically done using the customer’s eDA installation.


  • eDiscovery Manager Training – Integro provides eDiscovery Manager training for legal and support teams that includes creating and working with Cases, performing basic and advanced searches, placing document holds using Case Folders and exporting documents.  eDM administrator training is also provided, including how to generate audit reports.  A training manual is available, and Integro regularly customizes the training to meet specific customer requirements.  Training is typically done using the customer’s eDM installation.