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Below are several information governance white papers and articles published by Integro and other industry experts that provide a wealth of education and best practices in information governance and enterprise content management:

  • The Capstone Email Approach

White Paper: The Capstone Email Approach and Records Management Best Practice

Email Management for Federal Agencies Are you a federal records manager concerned with responding to the Presidential Directive for improving email management? On November 28, 2011, President Obama signed the Presidential Memorandum – Managing

  • Magna International

Success Story: Magna implements order with email governance solution

"Like many organizations, Magna International, a leading global automotive supplier, has amassed a significant amount of data over time—including e-mail messages, business records, and other electronic documents—and more data accumulates daily in ever-increasing quantities.

  • Integro recommendations for email management

Guide: Recommendations for Email Management & Governance

Traditionally, organizations have maintained their email systems by storing everything forever using archival products and policies to address their needs; today’s operating environments require a more sophisticated, proactive approach to governing email content throughout its

  • Integro White Paper

White Paper: Preventing the Surprise Attack of the Email Monster

As the email archive balloons, it consumes ever more resources and then, without warning,  surfaces surprising conversations that create potentially harmful scenarios for the company when it faces litigation. Fortunately, there is a way